It has begun!

Just finished my semester of teaching. Much more free time! *cough*
This is the first piece of what I am guessing is a very long (one year) project for me.
What is it? A book. I am spending 2012 working on a personal love letter to pro-wrestling.
I grew up with it. My Great-Grandparents learned to speak English watching it.
When my brother and I get together, it is all we talk about. My little 4-year old girl wants to be a pro-wrestler.
What could be better than to create an art book celebrating this crazy world.
I will post what I can. A lot of stuff I am going to save for the book. I have around 200 wrestlers from the 70's to present day on my list.
Busy, busy, busy.

So here we go!
The first entry...

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