Goodbye to Greatness

When most people hear that I am a huge wrestling fan, an instant smart-ass smirk appears on their face. It is usually followed by "You know that wrestling is fake, right?"
For the record, yes I know it is.
I then tell the person the story of why I love it. I tell them how my brother and I lived and breathed the stuff when we were growing up. They were our superheroes. We wanted to be them.
Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair and Randy Savage (tons more).
We raced home from every Sunday church to watch wrestling. We stayed up late when a "Saturday Night's Main Event" was on.
So much fun, so many great memories with my brother.

Last Friday, I lost a hero.
Randy "Macho Man" Savage had been killed in a car accident.
I watched a video tribute that the WWE had put together for him. It was fantastic.
Suddenly, a million memories came flooding back. Times with my brother and our friends
growing up. As I watched the tribute, I was smiling ear to ear. Somewhere, my buddy Tom
has a video we made with me dressed and imitating Savage. Ha!
So... today we have the man himself with his lovely Elizabeth.

Thank you Randy Savage.

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  1. Same here man...i remember shoving the couchs against the wall of the living room and leaping off the edges to slam someone to the hard carpeted flooring. Saw them all in their hayday here at Kemper. Hulk, Andre, Macho, etc. one time...never forget the energy when they came to the ring...so awesome!! Great piece dude!!