Kneel Before Zod!

Back today with General Zod from Superman II.
What army did this guy lead?
Ahh, that movie. Superman throws it all away for Margot Kidder.


  1. Who thought Margot Kidder was hot? Yuck.And how come the bad guys get some sort of telekinetic finger zap? Supes don't have it.
    And FYI Zodd was commander of the 116th Kryptonian Patent Leather Battalion, known as the "Sex Panthers". Rawr.

  2. The Superman DVD contains a screen test of Anne Archer as Lois Lane. She was very hot back then, and IMO had the whole "sassy reporter" vibe down pat. I thought she would have made a much better Lois. Too bad she didn't get the part.

    Zod has a thing about kneeling. Virtually every line of dialogue he has in Superman II involves "kneeling before him."