The Eleventh Hour

Wow! It has been forever. I have had a ton on my plate as of late. Traveling, family wedding, work. Hardly a moment to sit and relax or draw. It has been about a year that I have been running a monthly theme here on the blog. Lately I have felt the need to change this blog up a bit.
So... that's what I'm gonna do. Until then, just to tide you over, we have Doctor Who. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)  to be more precise. I thought this post would be appropriate right before a big blog "regeneration".
See you soon.


  1. VERY nice! I have to say I was waiting for this one since discovering your blog and I also need to add that I think this is the second best drawing of the 11th Doctor I have ever seen!

  2. Steve-
    Found your site through tomz toyz, and I am really enjoying your work!
    Do you have other work that you have done? I am interested to see more of your stuff.

    Thanks for the great art!