Who's the Bossk?

Another day, another bounty hunter. Today we have Bossk.
These guys were in Empire for like a hot minute. Why are they so cool?
Maybe it's just me. I like bounty hunters.
Even ones with huge blonde mullets.


  1. If Bossk or any of the others had been given a chance to talk and more airtime we may have ended up with pre-Jar Jar. I don't trust that Lucas guy...

  2. Great Bossk!

    I think the popularity of the Bounty Hunters is due to their scarcity. They're in the movie for 30 seconds at the most. They're throwaway characters, but they were all so cool looking that we want to know more about them. But there isn't anything more to know, so we perpetually remain unsatisfied, and therefore curious.

    But then again Lobot was only in the movie for 2 minutes, and no cult ever sprang up around him, so what do I know?