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Today we have pitcher John Donaldson. A fierce lefty and the man who suggested the team name "Monarchs". Great stories out there about this guy. One hell of a pitcher. Thanks to Pete for the email on Donaldson. Hope you like it.
Well, looks like we are drawing this theme to a close. With every theme, I'm always disappointed that I don't get to finish out my list. This one most importantly.
I do some fun, sometimes silly stuff here on BRWC. This one was different.
The Negro Leagues is an incredible part of our history. Please, if you can, come to Kansas City and visit the museum. If you can't make it, read about it.
It doesn't get much better than this.

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  1. Steve, the Donaldson picture is GREAT! Thanks for including him.
    Donaldson's career is becoming more known on a daily basis and we are determined to return him to his rightful place in history.
    Your willingness to include him in your creations is admirable.
    Thanks for your effort.
    Keep up the great work.