Smells Like Fish

I was wanting to post Barney Miller this month. when I got around to it, I realized that he wasn't my favorite from the show. It was Det. Fish. Yes, Abe Vigoda. He was only on Barney Miller for a short time. Then of course he had his own spin-off show. Barney Miller had a great cast that are all worthy of posting here. Fish won.
Yes, as I type this....he is still alive.


  1. Doing Snickers commercials no less, yet Betty White gets the glory.

  2. Awesome likeness! He's one of those guys who seems like he's been old his entire life. When I saw him in "The Godfather" back in the 70s I thought he was an old man, but now I realize he had to be in his 40s.

    I guess if you're going to be a character actor, that's the way to do it-- look exactly the same for 40 years!