"Who Run Barter Town?!"

So a funny thing happened here in nerdsville. I was working on this illustration of "little person" Angelo Rossitto, when it hit me. Angelo, who was in the movie "Freaks", was also in one of my favorite movies, "Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome". Research on the internet is full of wonderful worthless information.
He was the "Master" of Master Blaster. Huh? What?
That's right. It's a nerd thing.
I had no idea that the little guy that danced on the dinner table in Freaks was the same little guy that yelled "Who run Barter Town?" to Tina Turner.
Well ain't we a pair, Raggedy Man.


  1. Ahh ha! Thank you for posting this

  2. HI
    I am blazabes and I Like the barter