Cover to Cover

This week I thought I would start out with a drawing of the Hulk. After looking at some old comic covers, I saw the classic cover to Avengers #1. So I thought it would be fun to draw Hulk as he was on that cover as drawn by Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby was THE greatest comic book artist/creator of all time. period.
I had also drawn a little Wasp character at the last minute flying above Hulk. Horrible mistake. I hated that addition. Thanks to the computer, I was able to get rid of her. I can't stand the original drawing because of it. Much better without her. Damn Wasp.
Hulk Smash!


  1. Fun, Steve! I also really liked your earlier Captain America. You ever think about creating something for www.coveredblog.blogspot.com? It's a site where people reinterpret comic covers. Some are pretty mediocre and some are really nice. It's fun to do, drives traffic to your site, and your cover could be on of the nice ones!