Yeah, Baby!?

Happy Mother's Day! I finally get a break (small one) to post some stuff this week. So here is this strange little bird. This was done overnight for the Kansas City Star. They called with a last minute emergency job for the sports page. They needed Billy Packer and Dick Vitale illustrated for a NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame article. Not my favorite painting, but in the end it works.  I knew who Vitale was, but had no idea who Billy Packer was. Sorry, I don't follow basketball at all. (I'm a football, baseball guy) 
 A few days after I turn this in to the Star, they call  to ask my permission if they could make a print. Sure I guess, never had that happen with them. It turns out that Dick Vitale saw this in the paper when he was in town and called to ask them for a print. 
Now if only Dusty Rhodes would call me...