And In This Corner...Dusty Rhodes!

Here is the final painting of Dusty Rhodes that I finished late last night. I am very happy with this piece. It's nice to work on something that doesn't have to be finished and out to an Art Director in like 2 hours. Although my 3 year old daughter did pipe in her art direction as I was posting this.
"Daddy, he needs a shirt, There is no words on his belt", "what happened to his face?" 
I can't escape.
My smile has turned sour. Anyway, Enjoy!


  1. You put that smile right back on your face, Mr. Willaredt...ol' Dusty looks awesome! Keep 'em comin'!

  2. Nice nipples. Spent a lot of time on them.

  3. Steve,

    How about a little drawing and/or painting of the most famous wrestig family??

    Don't make me use wrestle you without my boots or use the iron claw on you.

  4. The Iron Claw makes me laugh. How about a leather strap match or Bad Street rules? I'm lived on Bad Street. The farther down the street you went, the badder it got. I lived in the last house.

  5. Colonel Buck RobleyApril 29, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    That fat tub of lard Bruiser Bob Sweetan had better not call me yellow. If that happens, expect a pile driver.