"The Amewican Dweem" Dusty Rhodes

I have been obsessed with wrestling forever. I have seen matches in the worst of venues and the best.  Being from the St. Louis area, I've seen a ton. My favorite era is the 1970's. It's the outfits and cheap production, the time right before the WWF 1980's blew up.  I figure it's time to pay homage to these greats. Yep, that means a series, a very long series. 
Dusty Rhodes was first on my list. Not sure how I'm going to tackle the final painting, my guess it will be a bit gross. Maybe  Ric Flair will be next or Bulldog Bob Brown. (hmmmnn) No fear, I am switching out often. I will be posting series work from t.v.'s  "Lost" next. 


  1. Hey, Steve...thanks for starting this blog! I'm such a fan of your work...I look forward to all the weird, unbridled goofiness you'll be posting.

  2. Hi Steve,
    How about the more obscure wrestlers? Like Buzz the Avalanch Tyler or Mr. Wrestling. They were sweet. But we can't forget the Freight Train.

  3. My favorite is Dave "The Dumptruck" Perry

  4. Ahh, World Wide Magazine. Awesome! And would THAT Freight Train be Rufus R. Jones?

  5. Yup, Good ole Rufus, I think he turned heel once. Broke my heart. Sniff...
    I have to say though that the best wrestling experience of my like was on a Thanksgiving day when Kemper Arena was filled with not only the KC wrestlers but also the Road Warriors, Ric Flair, the Von Erichs, the Freebirds, and Andre the Giant. Man, that was an awesome card. It just kept getting better.
    Wrestling now sucks.

  6. Oh yeah, one more thing:

  7. Found this. It's awesome: